Tuesday, 5 July 2011


"EDUCATION IS MY WEALTH" for Students and Parents

Motivation Talk By Prof.Dr.Kader Ibrahim.A.R
Ph.d (Psy); Ph.D.(Nut); Ph.d (P.Psy)

Date : 12 July 2011
Time : 8.00 - 10.00 pm
Place : Kandiah Hall, SJK(T) Vivekananda, KL
Fees : Free

Contact Person : Mrs.Jegathiswary (0122348312), Mrs.Zubaidah ( 012-6712347)



Thamayanthi Pandi Durai said...
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mahi said...

Thank you for the gift ( Motivation talk)held yesterday.

Thanks to all the teachers


Thamayanthi Pandi Durai said...

All of us need motivation at some point of our life and so do children. They need more motivation than us. Hats Off to our school teachers for organising Prof. Dr. Kader Ibrahim to motivate our children & parents!!!

Shanmugavalli said...

A salutation to our school teachers for organising the Motivational Talk...Keep it up! As mentioned by Prof.Dr.kader, the close knit relationship between teachers and parents will determine the improvement of the school..so, lets be together, lets create teamwork ! trust and respect the teachers and finally we can ACHIEVE the GROWTH in EDUCATION!....